The Power Of Branding

Is branding important? Is it even worth investing in? The answer: most definitely. 

So why do you need to create an identity for your brand? Isn’t it all about just selling a product? Just put that product out there and sell! Actually, there’s much more to it than that. 

It’s likely that you want your product to stand out from the competition. When someone is ready to buy a product, the goal is for them to think of your brand first and go to your store before looking at someone else’s, right? That’s the power of branding.

For example, one of our successful clients is in a heavily saturated industry. They decided they were going to take their branding to a new level and make it unique. The outcome: Success! 

They centered their branding on a personality and spokesman – their general manager.  What makes this person such an asset is the personality he brings and all the fun, quirky things he does to market the dealership. Investing in this venture, or branding, has paid off time and time again. Every month there is a new theme, photo shoots, outfits, animals, and other assets to pull of the various marketing stunts. This ranges from renting a tank, camel, bull, sports activities, and more. Even though they are spending each month on something someone else might feel is a waste of dollars for their company, it pays off for them. Maintaining the brand identity in this way continues to engage the consumers and keep the company top-of-mind. Not only are they successful in their sales, but they are continually recognized by the national brand they operate under. In short: branding sells.

Another client of ours has positioned their brand in a high-end light. The product they sell is extremely expensive and is consumer specific. To support this expensive product, we create clean, interesting visuals, while providing the benefits and technical information needed in all their marketing materials. This enables them to draw in and present the important information these consumers require to make educated decisions. Think of Infiniti or an equivalent high-end brand. With the high budget these consumers have, they will only invest in one product that meets their needs. Why not get the luxury brand for the same price as a visually perceived lower end one.?

This is the power of branding. Does your brand create a message or perception to your consumers? What does it say? At Miller Ad Agency, we can help you to hone in your brand’s identity and target the consumers you want to help sell your products.