The Internet Is Not A Web

Despite their renown skill and artistry, spiders should not be the role-models for website creators. As good as the pun would be, we must consider the process of a spider’s web creation versus a web-developer’s. All while creating beautiful designs, a spider is on the hunt for a meal, usually in the form of a smaller, less-knowledgeable insect. It weaves its web in a strategic pattern, knowing that the smaller insect will come literally crawling and get stuck along the way.

Though their process is strategic and methodical, there should be a key difference in a spider’s web and a company’s website: intent. While the spider weaves its strands to catch its prey, a company must guide its customer through its pages, knowing they can leave anytime they wish. Unlike a small insect, customers are hyper-aware of when they sense a trap. If they are rushed to the checkout page or bombarded with coupons, they are likely to get the sense that the company wants their money even more than their attention or loyalty.

When creating the design and layout for a website, a web-developer, especially those well versed in eCommerce, must consider the customer journey. This can differ depending on the current goals a company is trying to accomplish. For example, an online shoe store might be trying to clear inventory, so a customer browsing their “Sale” page might be their measure of success. Or consider a restaurant wishing to gain more loyal customers; they might measure success by how many newsletter subscribers they receive. Like a spider’s web, each business is unique. However, unlike the spider’s mission, the business must be intentional in guiding its customers to where they want them to be with grace and dignity.

There’s a saying that goes, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” which applies to most things, like road trips and TV shows, but especially website building. Rather than hyperfocusing on the end result, consider ways to ease your customer through your site and how to tell them the story of your business through the pathways you create. Through collaborative meetings discussing your customers and your goals for them, allow the team at Miller Ad Agency to help narrate your customer’s journey to make them, you and your company ready for more.

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