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Fully Focused. Fully Driven.

Creative Minds

Facing Challenges Head-On

For 40 years, Miller Ad Agency has earned a reputation as experts in advertising and marketing. Our resilience in the face of challenges is matched only by our eagerness to confront new opportunities head-on. Through our collaborative approach, we deliver exceptional results, elevating your business from your bottom line to growing your market share.

It all starts with hiring the right people for the task at hand, graphic design, media planning, digital marketing, branding, copywriting, and account service to name a few. We are true professionals dedicated to our craft with elevated skill sets to produce an amazing product for our clients. Miller Ad Agency is set up in seven interwoven departments: account services, research, creative, media, digital marketing, websites, and accounting. An open line of communication between clients and all departments is key to our clients’ success. Setting up goals and touch points throughout a campaign keeps your team at Miller Ad Agency laser-focused. Each new challenge is met head-on.

Looking for a sales boost? Need to increase your name awareness to a larger market? Need a solution for a competitor stealing your customers? Been there, and done that countless times. Experience matters, our team has an average of 18 years of retail advertising experience on local, regional, and international levels. When your company is facing a new challenge, bring the full force of Miller Ad Agency to bear for a solution to expand your business.

From small businesses to international corporations, we have a team ready to assist. Developing websites, interactive apps, multi-level media plans, cross-platform digital campaigns, and national quality videos to enhance your current brand or utilize to complete brand overhaul. Our team approach works. Web designers working with the graphic department working with copywriters working with a digital campaign manager keeps all communications on point and on brand. Big-picture items like branding are the foundation for all your advertising and marketing endeavors.

Whether your business is facing immediate challenges or you’re preparing to expand, call the one team that can make it all happen, Miller Ad Agency.

Meet the masterminds behind account service, creative, and media that will help take your company to the next level.

Amanda Miller Radle

President, CFO

Erik Radle


Dorthy Shore

Chairman of the Board

James "Jimmy" Lee

Creative Director

Kirk Wooldridge

VP of Account Services

Jenni Halamuda

VP Automotive Account Services

Wade McClelland

Art Director

Stuart Lang Senior Media Manager

Stuart Lang

Senior Media Manager

Alex Jourden

Director of Digital Marketing

Jigar Naik

Associate Art Director

Venes Alic Content Development Manager

Venes Alic

Content Development Manager

Stephanie Perez

Account Services

Isabel Clark

Account Services

Kait Collins

Account Services

Cynthia Ibarra Graphic Designer

Cynthia Ibarra

Graphic Designer

Aubree Lock

Office Manager

Avery Kisner Account Services Intern

Avery Kisner

Account Services Intern

Sasha Gelemanovic Creative and Business Consultant

Sasha Gelemanovic

Creative and Digital Consultant