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What separates Miller Ad Agency from other ad agencies?

There are many reasons, but there are 4 key pillars that best answer that question:

  • Creative Since 1984: We bring four decades of fresh ideas and a team of experts to take your business to the next level. Let our experience guide you every step of the way.
  • Intelligent Foresight: We see new innovations on the horizon, new technologies around the corner, and create effective strategies for our clients to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Expert Execution: From creative direction, to high quality production, to strategic media buying, and everything in between, our team of experts deliver on time and on budget.
  • Agency Administration: You need to be focused on your business, not sifting through dozens of bills or trying to pick a vendor from an ocean of questionable providers. We provide admin services and audit for our clients too, which maximizes the value of our buys.
What if I only want to do digital marketing?
While the majority of our clients use us as a full service agency across all types of media, we are happy to fulfill digital only campaigns. We do this for many eCommerce clients, and those that can’t budget for traditional media. The division in our company that acts as a digital ad agency is called Miller Wired.
You seem to have a lot of BIG clients. Can you help a small business?
The tools and technology that we have to service our largest accounts actually allow us to do things for our smaller clients that other agencies simply cannot do. We have the flexibility to help a client of any size, in any location.
How will we measure the results of the advertising campaign?
Before we begin any campaign for a client, we discuss the desired KPI or key performance indicators. That will vary by client and by media. The KPI can include increased sales, increased market-share, increased leads, increased phone calls, increased store traffic and dozens more.
How much of the work will be outsourced?
We do 100% of the work in-house, with 25 employees within the walls of our Dallas, TX HQ. This practice keeps us on deadline, on perfectly aligned message and at a stronger value for our clients. No middleman here.
Who will be my account manager and how much experience do they have?
We have 5 Sr. Account Managers on staff, with an average of 15 years each of account management experience at Miller Ad Agency. This longevity speaks to the strong culture at the agency as well. We will assign you the account manager that has the most experience in your field.
How often can we expect to meet with the ad agency?
We like to meet face to face with our clients on a monthly basis. Our international clients as well as our small clients in remote areas are often served by phone or Skype.
How do you handle compliance with state and Federal regulations?
We operate in some very highly regulated and scrutinized industries, like automotive, healthcare and banking to name a few. We know what’s legal. And we have a 5 million dollar errors and omissions policy to back it up.
How do you manage client communication?
In addition to meeting monthly with our clients, our onboarding process includes determining the client’s preferred method of communication. Some want more, some want less. Some like texting, others email and a few still enjoy a phone call. We shape our style to the client.
Who do I call if there's a problem?
We have a ‘hub and spoke’ model at the agency. Your best point of contact is always your Account Exec. Any request made to them, they in turn reach out to the appropriate department within the agency and solve any issue. Our clients love having a single point of contact in their Account Executive.
Can we expect to collaborate on creative ideas?
Absolutely. We often host clients in our conference rooms or studios for collaboration sessions. Often a client has a kernel of an idea that we are able to turbocharge with some team brainstorming.
What should my budget be?
A very common question, and there are at least two ways to approach the budgeting process:
  • If you understand your customer acquisition cost (as well as customer lifetime value), it becomes a relatively simple math problem. Take automotive for example where the national average customer acquisition cost per new car sold is $650. If you want to sell 10 more cars a month, it will take 10 x $650 or $6500.
  • If your budget is NOT based on the math above BUT on what you can afford to pull from the piggy bank, we can work that direction too. If a client provides the budget comfort level, we share with them how we’d deploy those funds for maximum impact and return on investment.
What is included in my retainer?
We’re unique here. We don’t have clients on retainer. Retainers can be terribly unfair to clients…if they need to cut spend or go dark for a period if time, they are still paying a retainer when the agency is not doing work or providing value. We review budgets with clients on a quarterly basis, and we only charge the client for the work we do.
What percentage of my budget should go into each kind of media?
To give a sane answer to this question, an agency must know the client’s business vertical, the competitive landscape, a range of budget possibilities, the client expectation for speed of growth, and a myriad of other factors. We’ve helped a client scale to 15 million active users in the app space using a strategy of radio and billboards. We helped an eCommerce client triple their sales with digital and print. It will be different for every client we engage. And it should be!
Should social media be a part of my advertising spend?
Five years ago the answer might have been no, but today, with more and more consumers looking to reviews and 3rd party endorsements when making a purchase decision, a healthy social media presence is essential for most businesses.
What makes your agency different from all the rest?

A variety of things! Our longevity (40 years in business), our stellar reputation in the advertising community and with our clients, and the experience that our people bring to the table are unparalleled. We’ve placed over 1.5 billion dollars in ads for our clients.

How many people work at your marketing agency?

There are 25 talented employees at Miller Ad Agency. Our departments include media buying, creative direction, art direction, graphic design, copywriting, web development, digital platforms, social media, research, video/photography, editing and account services.

Who is your ideal client?
Our clients that have been with us for 10 or even 20 years have in common that they trust the direction we provide, and let us touch every element in their business that represents their brand. We do best with clients that take our counsel, and less well with those that simply want an ‘order taker’ as an agency. We are not that agency.
How long have you been in business?
We were founded on April 1st, 1984. That was 40 years ago.