A Night With The Stars…And The Brands

Well, another Oscar season has ended. The red carpet has been rolled up, the awards have been handed out, and “Green Book” has officially  been named best picture. This past Sunday night, Millions of people tuned in to see Mellissa McCarthy’s Rabbit covered dress and Gaga and Cooper preform “Shallow”. What they also saw, though, were the commercials.

Year after year, companies create a number of spots centered on films and the industry as a whole. Brand names such as Rolex, Google, and Cadillac were in attendance with the stars.

Rolex aired several spots featuring Oscar winning directors. In the spots these directors were shown penning letters to all the filmmakers out there, telling them to continue striving and creating their own vision. Google went in a bit of a different direction. In their series of spots, some of the biggest moments in film history were shown in a new light. Having Google come in and save the day in a number of the greatest movies in history was a clever way to capitalize on the occasion. Hennessy even had an ad directed by Ridley Scott, showing stunning visuals and sci-fi wonder.

The Academy Awards have always gone hand in hand with marketing. A nomination from the academy can increase a movie’s moneymaking power instantly. Not only that, but the future projects of those involved also see a boost on sales typically.  Even the red carpet is in on the marketing action. Every single celebrity that steps on that piece of fabric is a walking, talking billboard for the designers.

Big events like these are what all brands look towards. The Oscars is an event with plenty of eyes on it, and a chance to get plenty of eyes on you. If you need some help getting eyes on your product, give us a call at (972) 243-2211. We can help you out in whatever your advertising needs may be.