All Audiences…Not Created Equal

I recently redesigned a product’s packaging for a client of ours. It was not done to change their brand, to make their packaging prettier, or to increase their sales among their current consumer base. Instead, they were marketing to an entirely new audience with similar interests in their product offerings. As they soon realized, not all audiences are created equal.

This company is based in another country, and they have been expanding in the U.S. market. They created their branding, design, and messaging to appeal to the market they know well. This specific consumer has very different tastes from many American preferences, however, and the ways to make them stop and look at a product are not the same.

So, the client had to brand their company to the U.S. market a little differently to appeal to this new audience; to make them stop, pay attention, and make a purchase decision. This is not only true in culture differences, but in many other variances as well such as male vs. female, specific generations, type of consumer, location based, and many more categories; the list is way too long to mention all of them.

The market is saturated with brands, products, and services that all compete for a part of your purchases and overall sales. So, to do this, they need to make you stop, hear or see what they are saying, and have you take action. This is especially true for a new company that an audience is unfamiliar with. This is accomplished in many ways, depending on the audience they are targeting. Sometimes this is through news, making it look pretty or cool, shocking the consumer, and many more tactics. Sometimes what appeals to one consumer, will not appeal to another. So, companies must always learn what their target audience likes, how to reach them, and what will make them pay attention to what the product is and why they should buy it.

So, let Miller Ad Agency help you with your marketing and advertising needs, because not all audiences are created equal.