Thinking Outside The Box – Literally

If you are an avid Amazon Prime member such as myself, you may have noticed a new look to the packaging your precious items arrive in. In an inventive (and likely very expensive) deal with Amazon, General Motors is now advertising the all new Chevy Silverado on 7.1 million of Amazon’s delivery boxes.  This is a great way to leverage GM’s already existing partnership with Amazon’s delivery service that allows your packages to be delivered directly to your General Motor’s Vehicle with prior permission and an Onstar Subscription. 

News sources also say that GM will soon be advertising through banner ads on the Amazon site.  This is a great example of a multi-pronged advertising campaign designed to reach customers in a new way.  With more and more consumers getting their traditional media through Netflix, Pandora subscriptions or simply using their DVR to skip commercials, retailers are having to get increasingly creative to get their message to the public.  While most would think of “print” as one of the most outdated forms of communications – flyers, printed newspaper ads, etc., General Motors has found a great visual print tool that reaches a large percentage of the population.  Backing this up with banner ads on Amazon’s site allows GM to expand their message and direct consumers to their own website. 

In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising on their TV, Radio, Computer, Smart Phones and Billboards, it takes skill and innovation to make sure your ads are cutting through the clutter.  If you need help making a difference in your sales and bottom line, look no further than Miller Ad Agency.  Give us a call today at 972-243-2211 to set up an appointment or go to to learn more and request a follow up.