Why Omnichannel Matters

You’ve probably heard this newest buzz words being thrown around left and right but what does it even mean? While there is no official definition many retail and marketing experts define it a strategy that allows companies to create a cohesive and seamless user experience. The idea of omnichannel is to ensure that at every touchpoint a consumer utilizes (in person, online, over the phone) they have the same level of service and are building upon each other. In this day and age silos simply do not work. Companies must actually communicate and create an integrated approach within the different internal teams to ensure that consumers receive the same experience at all times. 

The last couple of years have brought an unprecedented level of interconnectedness across cultures, regions and people. In order to stay relevant brands must adapt and ensure that they do everything to create a seamless and pain free experience. With the vast array of choices consumers are quick to abandon any brands that create pain points. 

The true benefit of omni-channel is that it allows you to create continuity for your consumers. In todays world consumers may start in one channel and quickly shift as they make their way through the buying cycle. For example, a consumer may start their buying journey perusing on their phone, which leads them to going in store. If they have an excellent experience in store but can’t easily access information online or keep seeing “not available” this creates a pain point that may keep the consumer away. When a consumer experiences a pain point, they are much more likely to jump ship and go over to a competitor in the hopes of a better experience. Everyone wants to avoid this, but the how can be much more difficult. 

For brands to build a successful omnichannel strategy the first step is for them to put themselves in the consumers choice. What are their motivations, wants, and needs? Knowing exactly what a consumer is going to experience at every stage will allow you to identify what pitfalls may befall your customers on their journey through their brand.  Once you’ve identified the steps in your consumers buying journey it’s time to do your homework. Omnichannel is all about creating a personalized experience for your consumer. In order to do that you need as much data as possible about their purchase patterns. Once you have as much information you can begin to create the perfect strategy to keep your customers happy and loyal. As with any strategy it must always be reassesed as consumers adapt and change. 

If you need help figuring out where to start with give us a shout at Miller Ad Agency. We have the tools and the data to help create and maintain your omni-channel strategy.