Eye Catching For The Right (And Wrong) Reasons

During the most beautiful and wonderful time of the year with tinsel and lights aglow, it’s a bit ironic that something like a “Tacky Christmas Sweater Party” exists. Somewhere along the way of designing festive holiday apparel, designers got a bit carried away. Whether it’s displaying a popular figure, your favorite food or a cacophony of holiday elements, Christmas sweaters are the epitome of eye-catching.

With anything that draws our attention, it’s important to ask: is this for the right or wrong reason? Not necessarily with Christmas sweaters, which are simply a ridiculous but fun way to embrace the holiday season, but specifically in the design elements which catch our eye all throughout the year. Design is all around us. The apps we use daily, the furniture we sit on, and the giant fast food signs we drive past on the highway were all carefully designed by someone with a creative eye. 

It’s interesting, however, that even the most recognizable of designs, like McDonald’s golden arches, can be deemed as eye-catching for the wrong reasons. In Sedona, Arizona, the city required the international burger chain to change its logo to a sky colored blue, so as not to take away from the city’s natural beauty. While this is the only location in the world to make such a request of McDonald’s, it provides rich food for thought (pun intended).

The City of Sedona took notice of the traditional Golden Arches and recognized that they took away from the local natural beauty – one of the city’s greatest prides. Rather than throwing McDonald’s out of town, they communicated, compromised, and redesigned the look to best compliment their city. The result? A widely talked about and, I imagine, a very high-trafficked restaurant.

Whether it’s a city or a small business, every organization has favorite elements of itself that makes it special and can pride themselves on. Any aspiring business person wants to attract customers for the right reasons, such as a high-quality product and well-designed branding. Where many companies fall short is by passing up on “well-designed” and just striving for “eye-catching” instead. More eyes mean more buys, right? Not necessarily.

Through efficient and well-designed advertising, a company can go from a standard business with a good product to a booming business with a high-demand product by getting attention the right way. At Miller Ad Agency, we ask the questions that get your business the right kind of attention. We want to find what makes your business stand out and amplify that through intentional design. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you catch eyes for the right reasons.