The Importance Of Digital And Traditional Media

While there are many opinions, ideas and thoughts about digital and traditional media, one thing is certain: It is still very important to incorporate both into your advertising budget. Let’s take a glimpse into why this is crucial for your business and how Miller Ad Agency can help.

Traditional media is a broader way of reaching your audience effectively. You can choose which stations, dayparts, and more your commercial (radio or TV) is on.  We can gather all the information on who listens and watches which station and at what time, but overall, traditional media is there to reach that wide audience and draw attraction to the product, service, or topic you want to share. A great way to help your business track who is out there watching or listening to your commercials is to add an offer or discount code that is specific to your spot. To measure the success of a traditional media ad, utilize and create that call to action in the commercials that you create. Not everyone will use it, but you could be surprised as to how many people may come knocking on your door from that one commercial.

Digital marketing can be broad, but you can get very specific on what age, gender and interests your potential customer falls under. Not only can you narrow down the search, but you can also retarget those who have seen an ad prior. The reality is hardly anyone takes action (purchases an item) right away from one ad. Depending on your area of product or service, it can take a full 30 days for someone to make a decision on a purchase. This is why retargeting and other areas of digital are important in your marketing strategy. Take those few people that passed your ad the first time and serve it again over a certain period of time. Whatever your goal may be – clicks, impressions, phone calls – the specifics you can achieve with using digital marketing is a great tool to utilize. 

Now you may be thinking, What’s the benefit of combining traditional and digital media? 

When you use both, you are covering all of the bases to ensure your marketing plan is as beneficial as it can be for your company. Another benefit of combining the two is you may convert more people from using both mediums over just using one. Depending on your product or service, both areas are essential to use if you want your company to gain sales and success.

Here at Miller Ad Agency, we have a full team of experts who can show you which advertising methods work best for your business and how we will utilize them to help your business grow. Feel free to reach out here or give us a call today 972-243-2211 and see what you can do to improve your business!