The Fine Line Between Effective And Annoying

Have you ever seen a commercial that makes you laugh, and appreciate the cleverness of the company? Then you see it again, again, and again, until it inspires a much less positive emotion. Right. We all have.

The goal of every brand is to be the first one on a customer’s mind when it comes time to purchase.

Yet, overly repetitive ads can have an opposite effect on a consumer, causing a negative relationship with a brand. The difficulty is, it is also imperative for a company to keep its brand message consistent to the consumer. How does the customer think of you? Do the consumers all view you similarly? Is this consistent with how you view yourself? So introduces the eternal struggle of television advertisement.

One successful example of this balance is Geico Insurance. The company creates iconic and easy to remember characters such as the caveman, hump day camel, and squealing pig. Geico is differentiated enough to actively engage its audience. Nonetheless, they always incorporate their tag line. It’s this carefully orchestrated balance that makes Geico a household name.

Here is where you ask, how do YOU create a clear and consistent branding message, while still keeping your commercials differentiated enough to entertain? That’s where we come in.
If you need help making yourself as common as the Geico Gecko, look no further than Miller Ad Agency. With thirty five years of experience and a killer creative team, we know how to achieve this branding balance.

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