The Art Of Barketing

It’s no secret that ads including dogs and children gain much more traction. But why is this? Put simply, we relate to displays that reflect our own lives. We want to see ourselves, and what we care about, within the product being sold to us. After all, if the product fits with the things we love, wouldn’t it fit for us as well?

Have you ever watched people and their dogs? Of course you have, just as we all seem to have that “puppy voice”. Nonetheless, I find some of the actions of people quite amusing when interacting with their dogs.  One time I was at a pet store and kept hearing this lady yelling at her dog to “NO BARK.” Of course, the dog proceeded with its barking. I couldn’t help myself; I had to walk over to see this lady and her puppy.  I couldn’t resist the heart tug associated with a four legged friend. This is the same feeling advertisers are trying to replicate when including pets in their ads. 

The love for animals, especially dogs, in American is prevalent.  Not only the unconditional love and companionship people get from their four-legged buddy, but research has shown that pets tend to decrease blood pressure and anxiety.  The joy a dog owner gets when they walk in the door and their bundle of energy is beyond happy to see them is irreplaceable.  

In advertising, businesses have capitalized on the love for dogs. After all, some of the most successful commercials have been focused on our furry friends. From the Chihuahua on Taco Bell ads to the Clydesdale and the Labrador puppy commercial during a Super Bowl game.   Not only did the puppy steal my heart, so did the Clydesdale. From dog toys to beer commercials, advertisers know we love our dogs and feel connected to advertisements that include them.  

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