What’s As Important As Food And Water?

Our need to connect is as fundamental as our need for food and water Every mammal will die if they aren’t social in some form.   We go to great lengths to get noticed. And there is real money in it.  The Dude perfect guys made $20 million last year. And Ryan ToysReview (10 years old) made $22 million.  But let’s tap the breaks – becoming an internet sensation isn’t as easy as it sounds. And for me? Something tells me nobody wants to see a middle aged 57 year old’s selfies at Dallas Roughnecks games. 

My sights are set a little lower.  I got no game for Instagram. The way I figure it, I’d rather hitch my wagon to the most ubiquitous entity in the world – Google.  And it’s easy. They practically make you have a gmail account which automatically enrolls you. All you need to do is give reviews, advice and answer questions.   I’m not sure how it ends or how important Local Guide is but I do have a good story.  

Friday, 3 Nations Brewery gave me their soon to be new address at 1033 Vandegriff Rd in Carrollton, Tx.  I looked up the address on Google maps and noticed it was on 1033 Broadway two blocks away. I notified Google and by Monday they sent me an email notifying me of the fixed location.  But it was still the wrong location.  

Fast forward to Tuesday and I happen to be at the new location taking a few pictures and what did I see?  A Google Street View car on the corner of Vandegriff and Broadway.  Now I’m not saying I have the ability to control Google Street views but some say there are no coincidences.  What does Facebook or IG give you besides some likes and a few haters?   

I’m not sure where it will end, but I’m thinking Google isn’t going away and reviews matter.  So – take video and photos of your food if you have to. Be genuine with your reviews – don’t be self-serving.  Google has changed the algorithm which is now being dubbed Starmaggedon So be aware of those who are trying to game the reviews.  But most of all, find your way to connect to the world around you.