Thank You, Miller

Hey there, My name is Carlie Bryant. I am a future graduate and advertising major from the University of Oklahoma. This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to be an intern at Miller Ad Agency. I wanted to jump in and share brief summary of my experience and the benefits I have gained from my time here. My first day at Miller Ad Agency was very nerve-racking, as I had just moved to a new city and was about to start my very first advertising internship. I wasn’t sure what to expect, whom I would meet, or how I would do on my very first day. Luckily, I soon met my fellow cubicle neighbors, who, through endless questions and assistance I was able to become good friends with during my time. Going into the internship, my goal was to learn as much as possible and see how an agency worked in the real world versus my previous knowledge in a classroom. Over time at Miller, I was granted many opportunities that fulfilled my internship goals and I am very thankful to Miller for it. One of my favorite projects that I participated in was going on a client photo shoot for social media content. Even though my initial focus wasn’t the photography and videography side, I soon realized there were more areas within advertising to consider. During this photo shoot we visited Miller’s client, Fuel City. Here, we met and talked with storeowners and the company’s ranch keeper. Yes, I said ranch keeper. He showed us around Fuel City’s ranch of numerous animals including two ostriches that were not very friendly. Who knew ostriches were so big?
I also enjoyed working with alongside various account executives. Miller is a stellar learning environment with the perfect balance of delegated responsibility and guidance. Through this process I was able to assist with production management of a client’s website. This department was another area that I had not initially been interested in or had much experience with before working at Miller. However, after we were able to successfully move along production, I had gained a newfound interest and valuable experience that I can apply to my future career.
My time here at Miller was short, but I am grateful for the opportunity and have learned a lot about not only advertising agencies, but also what it takes to be a successful employee for the future. This agency treated me as an old friend, which allowed me to dive head first into the unknown without fear of failure. I hope to carry the guidance and experience bestowed upon me within my summer her into a bright newfound future.
Thanks Again, Miller!