Marketing, Advertising And The Digital Age

How much about advertising has changed in the last 25 years? Well, you could say – everything.

It is often said that advertising was easier in the past. The way consumers shopped, consumed media and made choices seemed so much simpler. Traditional media, including televisionradiobillboards and print were the core for any business marketing. However, the days of Yellow Page ads are coming to an end.

We are now in the digital age; making advertising a complicated web of confusion for many business owners. It’s no longer as important if a business has the best location to drive customers inside, because the new “front door” is the company website. E-commerce has become the most valuable real estate available. Next enters PPC, SEO, email and social media marketing. Potential customers enter and exit the path to purchase in ever changing ways, leaving business owners scratching their heads and checking their wallets, wondering what to do, where to advertise, and who to trust.

So how do the mainstream forms of media like newspaper, yellow pages, radio and television compete against this new kid on the block? Revenue migration from these traditional forms of media forced these giants to transform their business models and expand their product offering to include an online suite of products. In doing so, they created bundles, attaching their core product to an online buy. This is not always the best solution for the small business owners, who are looking for what media will generate real traffic both on and off line for their business.

Personally, I lived through this transitional period in marketing as an advertising executive for several large print companies. These conglomerates found themselves struggling to find their place in this new advertising world. Trying to save their revenue, bundles were introduced to the sales team with little to no regard for what would benefit their clients. Moving forward in my career, I wanted a place where I could say, with confidence, the products and services I recommended would be effective. I wanted to know that my customers would not only see a lift in sales, but easily be able to measure a good return on investment. That is what led me to Miller Ad Agency. Now I don’t have “a dog in the fight” and can utilize the right media that matches my client’s needs. With this company, advertising is fun again. While this ever changing industry will forever remain a challenge, the right combination of media, knowledge, and creativity makes it a worthwhile feat.

So, if you find yourself asking, “how will advertising be transformed in the next five to ten years?” head over to Miller Ad Agency. Here, we challenge ourselves to stay ahead of the curve. With a client first approach to the advertising world, we stay up to date on the rise of new media outlets and the most customizable approaches on the market.