Marketing Tips To Adapt To During The Coronavirus

Where do you stand? Are you fearing the unknown or taking it head on and adjusting to benefit your business and community? The reality right now may be something we have never experienced, but some things never change… Right now people are still watching TV, scrolling through social media on their phones, and more. Heck, they’re probably even looking around at outdoor advertising more because there aren’t as many distractions. So it comes down to this… Are you utilizing and enhancing your marketing during this time or falling behind your competition? Here are a few tips and ideas to help keep your business growing and moving during this time.

#1 Don’t Panic

As we all know, there is plenty of time for self-reflection at the moment. However, it is important to utilize this time to do better for you and your business than stress and panic. People are still buying and more than ever they are wanting to support local and small businesses. This means whether you are a small or large retailer, restaurant, brewery, etc. you can be supported right now by your community if you let them know you are there.

#2 Viewership is up

Another important fact to note is viewership is up. When the whole country is spending more time at home, what do you think people are going to do with that time? More people are watching TV and surfing the web and you can either utilize this time or let it go to waste. Get your name and brand out there so they come back to you when this is all over (or buy online from you now). It is so important to capture your leads now, so you are their first thought when things go back to normal. It may not be an instant benefit but advertising now will surely help you out later.

#3 Stay ahead of your competition

SEO and especially local SEO is more important than ever right now. You want to be the first thing that pops up when people search keywords relevant to your business. By taking this time to optimize your SEO as well as advertise on other platforms such as Television, Social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc you will stay ahead or jump in front of your competition. If you have the capability and funds to advertise during this time, it will benefit you when this is all over. Reality is, how consumers find and obtain their goods will most likely never go back to being the same. That is why it is so important to adapt to the change so you stay ahead in the future.

While all of this information is easier said than done, asking for help isn’t. Miller Ad Agency is here for you 100%. We are a full-service agency and ready to stand by you during the hard times so you come out against your competition better and stronger. We are capable and ready to help take your advertising head on during this time. Our team of experts are qualified and working overtime to assure you are taken care of, stand out from your competition, and flourish during this time of uncertainty.