Jeff Bolton And Miller Ad Agency Fly High

One of the benefits of working in your 50’s is that you’ve generally learned your strengths and weaknesses. For me, a hard and difficult path has led me to the following conclusions:

  • I’m decent at the vision thing.
  • Pretty good at acquiring super cool content.
  • Technical proficiency: not so much.
  • Interweb skills: rudimentary.
  • Video and editing skills: eh, none.

My deficiencies are particularly awful considering that I’m a professional communicator: film producer, talk show host, writer and storyteller. One of the other joys of realizing your own limitations is that you’re free, and perfectly comfortable, asking for help. Enter the Miller Ad Agency.

“You want to turn and burn and fly aerial combat in the F-16 Viper in Alaska?” Oh, you had me at hello. As part of a television series I’m developing, I had the opportunity to travel to Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska. It was an enormous opportunity, but how could I capture the video and imagery to tell the incredible story of America’s air warriors in the Arctic domain?

The Miller creative and technical team – patient to a fault with me – gathered in the conference room and we went to work. That’s one of the secret sauces at Miller – a wide array of experts and a lot of experience. We walked through a process that started with concept and big picture, included practical issues for image capture, and ended with a framework for an end product.

The flight was insane and amazing, and upon my return we began to add creative to the desired end product. So here’s my “Back to the Future” moment where I began tis post. 

In my 50’s I recognize the absolute necessity to collaborate with professionals who I trust, and that brings me the team at Miller.