It Is Personal, It’s Business

Yes, the actual quote is “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business” but in this day and age when so much has been replaced by online commerce, home delivery, and digital communication it’s nice to see a trend toward customer service. My brother-in-law just recently purchased a new Suburban for his growing family, and the message he shared about his experience was about family. He felt like part of the family from his new dealership. He was welcomed in, treated with respect, and lots of care.

It’s important for businesses to remember this, especially when they are selling a large purchase. There is more than just a transfer of goods at stake. A business can win a customer for life when they go the extra mile to consider what sort of impact a purchase will make on a person or family.

For a long period of time, buying a car was related to getting scammed or taken by the dealer. In fact, that has led to a sweep in the way people started buying cars. There is so much more of the purchase process done on-line and over the phone. (Anything to avoid stepping into the dealership.) In fact, there are car companies that promote a 100% on-line stay at home car purchases. In light of this, the smart dealership not only offers that option, but also makes the in-person process more than another transaction.

It seems to be all about the culture and atmosphere of the business. When you create a positive atmosphere to work in, that resonates and transfers to the customer. And now that is where your marketing comes in. But it can’t just be a jingle or tagline it has to be real, a connection. When a business speaks the family motto and then truly lives through the words this can be a magical combination.

Hopefully this is a little thank you note to my client for treating my family like family. And making the purchase more than just a sale, but the beginning of a relationship.