Creative Logos & Their Hidden Images: Can You See It?

Many ads and logos have “hidden” images in their graphics. Some are intended to be funny, and some are just the creative results of a company’s graphic designer. While some people view these “hidden” images as “subliminal advertising,” (the use by advertisers of images and sounds to influence consumers’ responses without being conscious of it) most of the time, it is just a creative way to design ads or logos.

Images embedded in a company’s logo make for a great marketing tool. Sometimes brands and their logos can become so familiar that we don’t realize the real significance behind their design. In fact, every logo is concepted and designed based off a set of objectives that define the brand, which is how it becomes their hallmark.

Top companies, such as FedEx and Amazon, have ads that include “hidden images” in their brand logos. In between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’ in FedEx, is a white arrow that emphasizes the company’s ability to ship your package from point A to point B. The Amazon logo mimics this concept of shipping and movement with their logo’s orange arrow at the bottom forming a smile from ‘A’ to ‘Z.’

Companies like Tostitos and Le Tour de France have logos that contain images that directly correlate with their company’s purpose. The Tostitos logo has two people eating chips and salsa. The two ‘T’s in the middle are the people, while the dot of the ‘I’ is the salsa bowl. Take a close look at the Tour de France logo, and you’ll see that the ‘OUR’ and the orange circle make up an image of someone riding a bicycle.

Other companies, like Toblerone, have images within their logo to better tell the story of the company. Within the mountain on their logo, you can see a bear on its hind legs. How does the brand tell us more about their origin? Toblerone’s logo wants to take us to the Alps, the origin of their chocolate.

Creative teams add these details on purpose to further explain and identify their brand. Each of these hidden messages within the images are ways to explain to consumers what that brand can offer you, as well as increase the “cleverness” of the company. Try to keep an eye out for details when looking at logos. You might be surprised by what you can find!