Makes You Think. Doesn’t It?

List of hands – how many of you have purchased something strictly because of packaging or color?

I’m definitely guilty of this; I drink sugar-free RedBull not because I like it better but because the can and colors are more engaging for me. I have made some good and bad purchases when it comes to liquor mainly because of the bottle shape or color. What’s crazy is that I’m a creature of habit. I like some things a certain way but, time and time again, I have been steered away from what I like or am comfortable with because my eyes have caught onto something new.

Now when something catches my eye, there are one of two outcomes: I’ll really like it, or I’ll really regret it. But when a vendor does their job perfectly, I’m completely engaged by the product. Now whether or not it’s good is another story; with packaging alone, they successfully captured my time, money, and curiosity. And here I am talking about it. Here is a perfect example: I love Gray Goose Vodka; it’s great tasting, smooth, and mixes well. But a few weeks ago in a liquor store, I’m looking at this bottle shaped like a skull and can’t help but buy it and try it. Luckily the payoff was worth it; Crystal Head Vodka is amazing and now my go-to. It’s amazing how the right shapes and colors can cause a person to change their mind about a product.

Colors can also be tied into brand identities and feelings associated with that color. There are even scientific studies that show about 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone. Marketing to different genders is another way color matters. There are many statistics about which colors men and women like and dislike, and advertisers will use these stats to better target their desired consumer. It is crazy to think that everything on shelves has been designed to look appealing to you. That drink that caught your eye is just another marketing success for that brand.

When designing ads, we try to do the same. Visuals, colors, and verbiages all go into the thought process when making an engaging ad. If we catch your attention and have you talking, we have successfully done our job. Next time you go to the store or watch a commercial on TV, think about the colors, visuals, and dialogue and what they do to draw you in. Makes you think, doesn’t it?