Broadcast To Podcast: How Gen Z Has Changed The Advertising Landscape

With a new generation comes new forms of media consumption. Here at Miller, we see this phenomenon across various landscapes. Gen Z has started a wave of non-traditional media intake that creates a need for new, more creative channels of advertising. Whether switching from cable to streaming services, print newspapers to online news outlets, or switching from radio to podcasts. For the consumer, there are many benefits to podcasts, which allow on-demand listening and have fast-forward and rewind capabilities. These features open a window for marketing as well. Now, advertisements are not limited to a specific date and time. Your ad can be heard weeks, or even months, after its original air date, giving you a much greater reach. 

Being a generation that grew up listening to radio DJs and personalities on the way to school in the back of their parent’s cars, Gen Z has transferred this same idea to a more convenient medium. Podcasts now allow the same relationship and consumer trust factors as the radio industry at the touch of a button. According to Apple Statistics & Podcast Insights, fifty-one percent of the United States population has listened to a podcast. With a growing listenership of this degree, it is no shock that podcast advertising has become such a growing market. It is estimated that most Americans are served up to 10,000 advertisements daily, so finding new ways to catch customer attention is more important than ever. 

Available at local and national levels, there are various ways your company can use Podcasts to their advantage. With options available to you including pre-roll, fifteen-second spots running at the beginning of an episode, and mid-roll, a longer sixty-second ad that runs about 40-70% of the way through an episode’s content, you can customize the ad to fit your company’s needs and budget. 

But this is where it gets tricky. How do you know which option is best for your business? Especially when it comes to on-demand content, a strategized take on advertising is imperative. Whether you’re trying to reach sports fans or true crime fanatics, an effective advertising campaign is based on reaching the right audience for the right amount of time. Matching the podcast listenership to your targeted demographic is vital. Beyond that, we have to consider popularity, episode frequency, current ad volume, and possible added value. 

Finally, the most important question in all of advertising, is how do we track this to our bottom line? Most podcast advertisements are purchased by impression count. This means you know your company’s ad will be served a set amount of times. Taking that a step further, most companies include a discount code in their spot that is specific to the podcast. This way, you can track each customer that comes your way specifically from that ad.

Here at Miller, we know this can be confusing. That’s why we are here to be your advertising expert in every medium. For help with podcasts to print and everything in between, give us a call at 972.243.2211.