You Can’t Unsee This: Has KFC’s New Influencer Jumped The Shark?

There has been a bit of a backlash online from all the self-made, self-built and self-promoting influencers trying to make a million dollars taking photos or videos to garner followers and attention.  Trends come and go faster than ever and it seems the influencer life cycle has matured to the next level.  Influencer Marketing has just jumped the shark.

Much like fake news, we now get fake influencers and KFC has a new addition. If you have checked out KFC’s Instagram page lately, you may have been greeted by the new look of Colonel Sanders. Personally, I like the new Colonel Sanders.  He’s apparently hit a sweet spot with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.  They also have an interactive video for a not so typical Mother’s Day Promotion.  Consumers are engaged and that’s a win for KFC.   

Move over Most Interesting Man in the World, KFC has the secret sauce. I wonder what could be done with Mr. Clean? 

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