What’s The Probability Of Seeing ADs Today?

Do you have good signal on your cell? Maybe. But still, imagine E.T. trying to phone home through your local cell carrier. May the force be with him on that one. Or another example, Captain America saying “Hey look, a pay phone, let me dial another galaxy.” as if time and space don’t matter. Douglas Adams went over intergalactic calls quite a bit, eh, in So Long… because the calls would “With a bit of luck…bankrupt the buggers.”

You have to surrender a bit of logic in order to enjoy the above recent productions. In return for that willful ignorance, we get a piece of entertainment and the reaffirmation that, storylines repeat. Every heist movie starts with the janitor. Somehow, every piece of sophisticated equipment can fit under the janitor’s bucket, just like E.T. can move bits of data across galaxies with a couple of tree branches.

And even though we understand the repetitiveness of story lines, we tend to enjoy different approaches to the same material. Different angles to the same story provide new sources of entertainment. Something like football plays repeated over and over, from different angles, looking for a story to tell.  

Just like with so many exciting moments, very few will notice all those commercials in every game. About thirty five minutes of commercials, or more within each match. While Captain Marvel could call other galaxies from a payphone and not get any ads on her line, it isn’t quite the same in reality. Advertisers took notice of the gigantic spectrum of communication around us and how they could use those multiple channels available for placing ads.

Oh no, you mean this is a story about ads and not E.T.? I didn’t see that coming. Well, the probability of seeing ads these days is symmetrically proportional to its existence. 100%. The overarching point being that entertainment and ads go together, hand in hand. In some cases ads are the entertainment, as shown during the Super Bowl. Movie trailers are, believe it or not, one giant extended commercial that advertises its only product, the movie itself. The number of articles written about those commercials is even higher. 

So, the point is?

Ads are entertainment that works. When well written and executed it’s effective on multiple levels. Most of the time, they impact more than those thirty seconds. The effect of an ad done well may entertain generations to come. Companies in need of an extended reach almost never hesitate to invest in advertising. 

No, really, what’s the plug here?

Y’know those apps on your phone that you struggle with, just to make them work? As the aforementioned Douglas Adams said – “their fundamental design flaws are completely hidden by their superficial design flaws,” Unfortunately for them and fortunately for you, those apps do not last. 

Oppositely, Miller Ad Agency, with its creative and business ingenuity, has the power to last.  35 minutes of ads per game is nothing when compared to the thousands of ads created in the first 35 years of Miller Ad Agency. Give us a call at 972- 243-2211 for all of your advertising needs.