What Does It Mean To Be Social Media Savvy?

Social Media Marketing can be extremely challenging but also tremendously rewarding to your ROI. Platforms like Facebook have a reach close to that of TV but for a fraction of the cost. Of course, your success and reach is dependent on the strength of your creative. To see your creative concepts come to life and reach its valued customer comes with a personal satisfaction that is hard to reach in less “hands on” verticals. But what about when your creative content flops? Let’s discuss what it is like to be a content creator and how to deal with successes and failures!

Creating content is the driving force behind any marketing campaign that’s being provided to the public. Content creation starts with the goal of the campaign. 

Each client’s needs will be very different based on their industry and desired audience. Important factors to keep in mind during content creation are brand awareness, education and demographic. While this can seem daunting, it also provides a rare opportunity to connect with your consumer. This means there can be no stone left unturned when it comes to curating ideas. Here at Miller Ad Agency we have reached in the mad hatter’s hat and pulled out various “out there” campaigns in order to impact our audience.

Some examples include jingles that still play on a never ending loop in our heads. Seriously, we can’t remember a time we weren’t singing the Lute Riley Honda jingle! Even better, this recently shot jingle was edited and published to a commercial in a single week! Here at Miller, we value a quick turnaround while never sacrificing superb quality. 

Content success and failures are to be expected. With big swings often come big misses. 

However, this is when the value of customer relationships comes in. By interacting with your customer regularly, you are building on the lifetime value of a customer. This takes the pressure off of one single post. Of course, this can be difficult to swallow as a brand that put a lot of thought into a post that didn’t pan out. When I first started at Miller Ad Agency, one of the cons we discussed was the “baby bird” of art and content creation. Companies often take the less than optimal performance of an idea as a failure or personal attack. However, more often than not this post still garnered brand awareness and allowed customers to see a more personal side of your brand. 

Easier said than done, I experienced this almost immediately. 

As a content creator, you learn to roll with the punches and take customer response as a redirect instead of a failure. With-ever growing analytical metrics at our fingertips, this allows us to grow closer to understanding the brand and client’s needs. This ultimately will save you a lot of time and expended creative juices while making you more proficient in connecting with your consumer to make a sale. 

Learning opportunities are abundant in the marketing world. Here at Miller Ad Agency, we strive to be continuous students in the ever changing digital age. Whether you are curious about the advertising possibilities of a new social platform, or looking to invest in more traditional media, give us a call at 972-243-2211.