Video Killed The Radio Star

We can’t help it. Movement is one of the top things that catch our eye. For advertisers, that means videos have more impact than ever before. 

Don’t shoot until you see the Whites of their Eyes.

It’s widely known our eyes are trained to notice movement. As Homo sapiens 50,000 years ago, our survival depended on it.  Even the wild animals on the savannah were adept and noticing the slightest movement.  If it moved, it was alive, and we could kill it and eat it.   It’s literally second nature.   

Fast forward to postmodern-man and woman, we continue to follow our basic instincts. We can’t help it.  Movement is one of the top things that catch our eye.  For advertisers, that means videos have more impact than ever before.  In fact, on social media, video is the consumers’ favorite form of content.  Video typically beats out static content for retention, engagement and ROI.  

So, we’ve established video is good.  But to get noticed, what platforms are the best for customers to engage and ultimately purchase goods? Not surprisingly, Facebook is a great option.  It’s the number one most visited social media site in the world. The algorithms have certainly helped advertisers and politicians alike.  Both are able to understand not only the demographics of their audience but their affiliations, likes, dislikes, political leanings, and even what type of shoes they like. Add in Instagram and YouTube and you have the trifecta for social media placement. All three generate more measurable ROI than traditional television. 

Back in the day, our goals for awareness meant setting budgets to run TV ads based on gross rating points (GRP’s). But the idea of relying strictly on GRP measurement isn’t enough. Just as linear TV viewership has waned, new customers demand more attribution than ever. No longer are advertisers able to get by with reporting GRP’s, CPM’s, or even web visits. Businesses demand attribution.   

Pair that with the fact that audiences are capitalizing on the content choice of dynamic media platforms to understand why advertisers are looking for more efficient ways to reach audiences. For many of us, our lives are framed within our screens and monitors.  This is the place we find the ad battles as we interact with family and friends. 

As we work to understand the new vocabulary through online advertising, we hear new acronyms and terms like never before. There are many new terms that are a must to understand. I’ve seen many deer-in-headlights moments from decision makers that would do well to understand the ever-changing landscape. Buyers should beware of fast-talking salespeople selling low impressions and low CPM’s as a way of getting a sale.  

So, before you choose a new vendor, a new agency or a new medium, understand the benefits and weaknesses before you lay down your hard-earned money. Just because you can see the impression or click, it does not mean it’s going to give you a better ROI than something tried and true. Give Miller Ad Agency a call.  We will give you the strengths and weaknesses of all the mediums. We take a 360-degree approach to marketing.  We are not beholden to TV, Radio or Online ads.