The Automotive Market Is Grwoing – Is Your Advertising?

In a world where your car can parallel park, check blind spots, have a conversation, and even drive for you, it is safe to say the automotive industry is growing rapidly. There is a need for efficiency in both the energy and motor of cars. All this to say, the price of vehicles are increasing and the market is growing. Are you ready for the ride?

With a dealership on every corner, it is important to stand out. Here at Miller Ad Agency we focus on each client individually and help you reach your exact audience and optimize your marketing. If you haven’t jumped on the Advertising train yet, hop on board because we are here to help!

According to, the Automotive Market is expecting a 6.5% growth rate in the next 4-5 years. Dealerships have two marketing options when it comes to this: They can either blend in with the crowd, or focus and invest in Advertising to be successful. With a society that is so focused on having the most high tech item, potential customers want to know what’s new, cool and different with the vehicles they are looking to buy. In a highly competitive industry putting yourself out there in Advertising sets you one step ahead of those who are not.

Most prospective buyers complete extensive research before buying a car. Being a full-service agency, we can help educate your customers between Television, Radio, Email, Social Media, YouTube, and more. Local marketing is crucial to your Automotive Advertising strategy. Although National Brands are out their marketing the brand as a whole, the potential customer’s right in your neighborhood may not know where you are or the service you are capable of giving. Optimize your business by getting in front of the customers nose, they’re probably looking down at their phone anyway, so they might as well be looking at you.

The Automotive market is known for their extensive sale cycles. It is important to utilize a full- service agency such as Miller Ad Agency for that exact reason. We specialize in the quick turnaround time that is crucial in your industry. According to Think with Google, there is an average of twenty four research touch points with auto shoppers. They are out there watching videos, listening to radio, researching on search engines, all to narrow in on their perfect car. This all happens in varying stages. The consumer might start with a commercial, google a few different brands that match their search criteria, and eventually see the car they want enough on Facebook, or google ads to finally make that purchase. A dealership can truly impact purchase decisions based on how optimized their Advertising strategy is. That is why we are here to help. 

Next time you think a potential customer will find you, think again. They are out their searching with their eyes and ears, and you want to be the one they stumble upon time and time again. Give us a call at 972.243.2211.