Taking A Perceived Problem And Making Into An Outstanding Commercial

Apple knew they had a perception problem when it came to their new AirPods and the take away of the earphone jack on the new iPhone 7. So what did Apple do? 

People worried the earbuds would fall out. So what did Apple do? Did they do an infomercial explaining how they tested the AirPods? Provide boring statistics about their success? Of course not.


So they created one of the most interesting, cool and sexy ads I have seen in quite a while. There is no voice-over. Minimal graphics on the screen. Just an upbeat song with a dancer doing gravity-defying dance moves while wearing his Airpods – which of course, never fall out.

The commercial is true brilliance because first – my husband and I watched every second of it. It was so visually and acoustically appealing, we wanted to watch from beginning to end. Second, it proved the point that AirPods are actually even better than older versions of earbuds because of the freedom they provide. Third, it made theAirPods seem cool and sexy. I want those earbuds, and I don’t even use earbuds. Quite a lot accomplished in 60 seconds.

Bravo, Apple.