In terms of design, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing new look for a logo that reflects the current age, while still keeping the familiarity that people love. Since the reopening of businesses and living life with a slight bit of normalcy (whatever that means), companies continue to draw from current and passing trends in order to maintain relevance, which can be beneficial. 

The interesting thing about designs is in its ability to invoke a familiarity that is like a comfort food for consumers. They see the company that has that reliable logo that they always see and feel at home. With a trend like minimalism getting into the spotlight right now, some very big brands have changed their logos. Good news, right? Nope. Most of the logos that people have admired for years have lost their originality. Take Warner Brothers for example: the beautiful 3D golden wonder has become a flat stanley of basic blue and white. How about the oh so cute PetCo? The cat and dog pair have disappeared and in its place stands a corporate blandness that does not make it seem like a place where you can take your pet to get some goodies, and people are upset. 

What is the appeal for a minimalistic design?

The idea of a simple, modern design can be more appealing because of its clear message. The simplicity makes it easier to scale, and much cheaper to make. With a minimalistic design, the logo has one clear focus and doesn’t become distracting with detailing or colors.  

When does minimalism work and when does it not?

Without knowing or recognizing a company, the logo should give a holistic representation of what the company is all about. Minimalism can provide that for you if done correctly! With the examples I provided above, the issue lies in that the changes were so outside of what the companies are recognized for. Something else that needs to be kept in mind with a minimalistic design is that it still remains unique. It can easily become something that looks like everything else. While some recent redesigns have crashed and burned, there is one notable change that people have actually loved. Burger King decided to renovate their current logo with an old classic. What makes it work is the fact that it was already a loved icon in the past, the simple design and colors make it seem more appealing, and it falls in a nice in-between of timelessness and trends. This is possible because of its simplicity along with its complementary color scheme that was already being utilized in the old design. 

While trends can be beneficial, what needs to also be considered is how much it’s really helping compared to the substantial changes that are taking place. Trends don’t always compete with originality and what makes a company stand out. Here at Miller Ad Agency, we strive to create something that represents you and your company in a beautiful manner that is loved throughout the ages.