How To Grow Your Business By Marketing In Different Languages

You are doing social media, paid ads, SEO, and the list goes on forever. Yet, you still can’t figure out another way to grow your business with advertising. There is one simple answer.

Advertise in different languages.

While it is not always that straightforward, it is often easier to implement than you think. 

Especially if you already have a marketing strategy in English, you can often apply the same strategy in different languages (such as Spanish.)

DFW Metroplex And A Growing Spanish Speaking Population

According to, nearly 38% of the area can speak Spanish. Meaning, if you are not ramping up your marketing efforts to service the growing population, you are leaving customers on the table. Let’s deep dive on how you can get started.

How Hard Is It To Get Started Marketing In Foreign Languages?

According to Scott Moses, a marketer who has launched a number of non-english websites, such as, it’s often not as hard as you think.

What are the advantages? 

The Competition is Lower

Generally speaking, if it’s not in English, it’s just a lot easier to complete. There is just far less people doing it. While this is certainly changing over time, English tends to be one of the more expensive languages to market in.This is by far the biggest advantage. 

You Can Re-Use Current Marketing Methods

It’s common for business owners to explore new marketing methods to grow their business. For example, if they saw a lot of success with SEO, it’s very common for you to start exploring YouTube marketing .Rather then start a completely new thing; you simply apply what is already working in a different language. It’s more proven and you already know how it works.

What are the disadvantages?

Expect Things To Take Longer (If You Are Not A Native Speaker)

Assuming of course you are not working with an agency that already speaks your target language really well, expect things to drag out. In English, you might be able to roll out something very quickly. In language you might not speak fluently, you might need to find trustworthy personnel. 

A pretty common issue is that the person you hire to help translate everything might speak English and your target language very well; however they might not know marketing very well. You end up trying to speak through people, as opposed to working efficiently. 

How To Overcome this possible problem:

  • Firstly, just expect things to take longer. It can be a pain, but often it proves to be worth it.
  • The solution to this issue is to hire someone who knows both the language and the marketing sector well. This way they can get up and running right away.

Trust Can Be A Problem

When your staff members make an error in English, you can see what they are doing wrong very quickly. However if you don’t speak the target language very well, this can be a problem. 

How To Overcome this possible problem:

  • Depending on the type of marketing you are doing, proof readers can really be helpful. For example, if you pay someone to translate a piece of content into Spanish, it’s always a good idea to have someone double check their work.
  • Always pay people what they are worth. It can be tempting to hire people at reduced rates, but this almost always comes back to bite you.  If you want to build trust, start by hiring trustworthy people. 

Final Thoughts

Before you mind goes wild, here are a few things you should take into account before you start marketing campaigns in different languages:

  • Do you have an existing marketing strategy that you could reuse in a different language?
  • Do you speak the target language? 
  • Do you have the staff members, the ability to hire staff, or an agency you can hire to help implement the campaigns? 

We hoped that helped you understand how to go about marketing campaigns in non-English languages.