Hall-Mark The Holidays

The holidays are upon us! What does that mean? Yes, there’s turkey coming, yes, there’s a hearty sound of “Ho, Ho, Ho” around the corner, and yes, there will be a stack full of gifts that’s going to appear under trees. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about when we cozy up on the couch with maybe a hot chocolate, warm popcorn, or maybe even sugar cookies fresh out of the oven for that seasonal holiday occasion. Guess it yet?

How about the yearly-anticipated Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies! Yes, I am talking about the sappy, warm-feeling, lovesick films that famously make their debut every year around the holidays that most of us are embarrassed to admit watching out loud.

Like many this year, our beloved holiday films faced the COVID-19 hurdles, and the real threat of this year’s holiday movies to be filmed created a bleak outlook for their survival and, thus, becoming a Christmas wish. What actor wants to cozy up or chance a kiss with COVID-19 looming over their heads? And on top of that, there are more regulations than ever to work around. 

Fortunately, Hallmark and Lifetime were determined to get creative. They came up with viable solutions and hit the ground running with their planned films as soon as things started to open up safely. Like many companies and brands, they had to adapt and think outside the box to pull it off.

To make the filming work, while retaining the movie quality and keeping safety in mind, scenes had to be rethought and some handled in a specific way. What about those kissing scenes? Kissing through plexiglass that could be removed in post-production! Large crowds in a ballroom or event space? Reworked scripts to make sure the scenes were appropriately adjusted to ensure everyone’s safety. 

For relevancy, COVID-19 also shaped some aspects of the movies themselves behind the scenes. For example, one storyline included selling ornaments in which the proceeds went to first responders. With something so subtle, it kept the movies relevant to the time, but kept COVID-19 out of the picture. 

So, Hallmark and Lifetime were able to come up with successful solutions out of their COVID-19 predicaments, keeping their consumers happy, providing a pleasant escape from hard times, and keeping their brand expectations intact – all while providing the expected holiday films they are known for. They kept their brand relevant to their consumers, while showing their support through these troubling times. 

Many companies have encountered the barrier of COVID-19 this year, and your company is no different. You have most likely had it jump in and mess everything up. We, at Miller Ad Agency, can help you climb out of the mess and jump those hurdles by working with you to create creative solutions that will help you reach your objectives and brand expectations. Let’s make that Christmas wish come true together.