Going All In With A Miller Account Supervisor

You can say I’ve made a life out of reading people’s faces…. but I wouldn’t call myself a Gambler. Working at The Miller Ad Agency for the past 19 years has taught me that yes, a few gambles are necessary, but the ad game is more about research and tried and true methods that deliver success.

As an account supervisor, you need to not only read everyone but more importantly, listen to everyone. I am a human data processor: information, needs, goals, metrics, feelings, results, trends, and innovations are just a few of the data points to create a successful ad campaign and execute that effectively.

Once you have received all of the information, that’s when you Double Down. It’s time to process and deal out directions and plans to all of our first-class departments. From brainstorming with a creative team with a proven record of award-winning excellence, to plotting a successful map with one of the most knowledgeable media departments around – we do it all. At the Miller Ad Agency, we go beyond the traditional with an in-house digital and emerging technology department. Need to target down to a household on someone’s tablet or place an influencer into someone’s Instagram feed? We’ve got you covered.

Now is not the time to just Let It Ride! A quality ad shop will not only deliver but also track, and tweak day by day. Staying in front of the consumer means you have an ad agency that stays ahead of the curve. Everyday there is a routine: listen, process, execute with accuracy and speed, revise, deliver and repeat.

Going All In with the Miller Ad Agency and their team means that you have taken the gamble out of your plan. It also means that you have a team of qualified professionals that will ensure your needs and goals are not only met but exceeded.