Embracing Our Inner Beauties

Have you ever sat down and really paid attention the messages both subtle and not so subtle on TV? Have you ever flipped thru a magazine and really looked at the models?

I challenge you to really start paying attention for a month. I don’t know if it’s because I now have teenage nieces or if because I myself am feeling rather insecure about my weight but I have started to notice a bit of a trend and I have to say I am happy about it and hope it continues if not grows.

I am noticing that some of the actors in the spots, are not all size zero! It’s about time!! Dove seemed to be on the front lines of the “Love yourself” message. Dove has been doing a lot to help young girls, let me rephrase girls of any age’s self-image. Last year they posted the “Real Beauty” video’s on YouTube and those have been see by over 5 million viewers.

This year, they are helping us curly haired gals embrace our curls and no longer feel inferior to our straight hair sisters. Now, TJ Maxx is using curvy models in their spring campaign, and not just to advertise their “plus sized” clothing. As a “curvy” gal myself I am thankful that I don’t have to see size “0” models as the ultimate goal.

I just read a blog that a male friend posted on Facebook. It was about a woman who has finally embraced her body type, whatever it ends up being. Her blogs talks about her relationship with her body from adolescence to motherhood. It’s an interesting blog called “nestingstory.ca”.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree that as a society we are the fattest we have ever been and we should make a better effort to get more fit. However, I worry that as we see models that are too thin or actresses that are photo shopped to unrealistic proportions that are we teaching the younger generation unrealistic ideals.

What I like about this seeming trend, is that the advertising community is letting young girls know that it’s ok to be different and the most important thing is to love yourself.

I am thankful to TJ Maxx, Dove, American Express and to other companies that they get that any size can be and is beautiful.