Does Your Car Have Holiday Spirit?

We are well into the holiday season; music is playing, trees are up, candles are burning, and houses are twinkling with lights. Take that decorating to the next level and decorate your ride.

It almost seems that Christmas decorating is contagious; once you start, it begins to creep into every room of your house and even to the “ugly” Christmas sweater you are wearing.


Take that decorating to the next level and decorate your ride. This isn’t a reference to painting flames on your cars or adding 20 inch rims, but literally to taking the Christmas decorations out to your car. It begins with that Rudolph nose on the front grill and maybe some antlers on top.

But that is just the beginning. Now you can have a battery-operated light-up wreath on your grill, wrap your entire car in holiday paper with a bow on top, or bypass the HOV lane rules with a full-size Santa in your front seat.

If you have been good all year maybe Santa will even make one of those fantasy car commercials come true and deliver a brand new car to your driveway with a bow on top.

The idea is to be creative, use some of your old decorations, or even just put window decals from your local big box store on the windows.

Of course there are some great sites out there to help you with ideas that will also keep driving safety in mind. While a fun, decorated car is awesome, getting “over the river and through the woods” SAFELY is the most important part.