Dad’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up and we all know what that means… the slew of heartfelt video ads. While not on as grand of a scale as holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day is still a holiday that brands can tap into. Sometimes it’s used to promote a specific product Dad would like, other times brands insert their name into the conversation about celebrating dads. We’ve found some Father’s Day spots that are sure to pull on your heartstrings. In 2018, Australian property group Stockland ran the following video spot. It speaks about all the different ways a dad can, to put it simply, be a Dad. Whether it’s “the strong silent type” or “the shoulder to cry on,” there are many different ways our Dads support us and help us grow.
In their Calls for Dad campaign, Dove Men+Care released a 60-second spot where only one word is spoken: “Dad” (or “Dada” if you will). The ad showcases the situations when children, no matter their age, call for their Dad’s help. The hashtag #RealDadMoments kept the momentum going on social media. Dove Men+Care wants to celebrate fathers for all of their behind-the-scenes moments, all of their sacrifices, and every call they answer.
In a change of pace, Dollar Shave Club leaned into humor for their 2019 Father’s Day spot with a tastefully fun ode to dad bods. The spot is filled to the brim with silliness that you have to see for yourself.
The most basic goal of advertising is to sell something – some kind of product or experience that fills a need or want. Centering advertising around a holiday like Father’s Day promotes not only the brand itself, but also the values they stand for.
Stockland, Dove Men+Care, and Dollar Shave Club all approached their Father’s Day spots a little differently, but they had one thing in common: they all had heart. Whether humorous or emotional, they all showed their support and celebration for all Dads around the globe.