Covid-19 Update

Know that as we face these challenging times, The Miller Ad Agency remains open for business and fully staffed to help you weather this storm

We’ve faced other national crisis, from the dark day of 9/11 to the financial crisis of 2008. While each posed unique challenges, we should be reminded that our great nation stepped up each and every time to protect the lifeblood of this country: our small businesses. 

The measures that the government is taking are vast, our collective resources significant. The stimulus being applied, from a dramatic Fed rate cut, to those stimuli that are still to be announced, will lift the consumer which will in turn lift the economy back up to a place where we’ll be back to business as usual. 

This won’t defeat us and in fact will provide an opportunity to further prosper as the American public will find more resources in each and every wallet to buy the goods and services that we work together with you to promote. 

Keep your resolve, know that life will go on and we’ll get through this tough time together and come out stronger for the journey. Look to us for support and ideas to advantage the upside that will eventually lift us back to the place where we all belong.