Advertising Connections

This time last year, Amazon’s toilet paper search results page became the number one display in the country. TP went viral. How did this happen? 

It was a more difficult and uncertain time. The price of toilet paper and stocks went in opposite directions. Stocks simply ended up where toilet paper was supposed to end. TP was nowhere to be found.

Amazon, already somewhat experienced in moving paper, from books to boxes-galore, to the now ultimate commodity, rolls of TP, became an online check-out place and advertising billboard. Amazon just happened to be at the right place at the right time: online.

Some lessons were learned during that time. Tiger King was, for example, the best show ever made, comics started selling again (what a plug!), and advertising around Amazon made sense.

Advertising these days works on almost all devices and, you probably noticed, it does move with you. Constantine the Great, a prominent figure from a long time ago, figured out that compiling knowledge in a small, mobile device, like a book, may have some value. 

Amazon, basically the shopping cart of the internet, for many small businesses, became the place to point to if you are selling something. 

Advertising Connections

Now, the shopping cart is almost like a final destination, but how do your customers arrive there without a pandemic? How do you unroll the roll, so to speak? If you are trying to connect your Google Ads with Amazon, in order to have a clear picture and optimize your campaigns better and save money, where do you go for it? 

That’s easy. You are already at the right place if you are at Miller. Let us know what you need and we know how to get you there.