A Different Look For This Year’s Superbowl

If like many of us, you tune in to the Big Game not just for some football enjoyment, but for all those fabulous high budget commercials, you may have noticed some big changes this year due to Covid. Big names that we are all used to seeing, like Coke, Pepsi and Budweiser, are choosing to sit this one out. Coke explains this move as making sure their resources are properly deployed. In other words, they aren’t sure spending millions of dollars on one spot is the best use of their money right now. Budweiser is going the altruistic route, choosing to donate the money they would have spent to vaccine efforts instead. I’m going to be a bit cynical and assume they hope the good press about this will be just as valuable as air time…  

But never fear, plenty of other advertisers have stepped up to the plate for the first time ever as their businesses boomed during the pandemic. Doordash and Chipotle were big winners when we all decided we wanted our food delivered to us instead and each aired commercials. Scotts Lawn hit the jackpot when we all decided to stay home and focus on our yards this year. Indeed cashed in when so many of us found ourselves looking for new employment opportunities. All these newcomers presented themselves to us in all different ways. Too somber will be a big bummer during what is supposed to be an uplifting day, but so many of us are just thankful the Superbowl is even being played! Too upbeat and we’ll wonder if these advertisers are even in touch with the fact that many of us are still struggling and worried about the future. They need to walk a thin line to come out on top. And of course, they need to call us to action. Too often these ads are so focused on being funny or memorable, they forget their real purpose – to sell us something.  

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