Karma Is A Pitch

Santa, the true inventor of overnight delivery, is on the defense because of the kids. If they get even the smallest hint of the possibility of being on the Naughty side of the list, they ask for a recount. Their eyes are on the prize, just like any other business in the world seeking new […]

Advertising Connections

This time last year, Amazon’s toilet paper search results page became the number one display in the country. TP went viral. How did this happen?  It was a more difficult and uncertain time. The price of toilet paper and stocks went in opposite directions. Stocks simply ended up where toilet paper was supposed to end. […]

Creative & Technology

With COVID on repeat, and pandemic spikes going up and down, 2020 was like one giant repeating GIF (Even the year’s digits look like a pattern: two, zero, two, zero).  Santa, the true inventor of overnight delivery, is on the defense because of the kids. If they get even the smallest hint of possibility to […]

Paths To Solutions

Collectively, we’ve been outsourcing services throughout history. Since the Romans perfected aqueducts, we were looking for ways to simplify daily life and make services come to us. Long history short, today almost anything can be outsourced, from milk production to opinion manufacturing and consumption. Specializing in one area has become ubiquitous, as we can see from […]

Positioning Your Brand For Tomorrow

Let’s keep working together because what we do and create today will affect everything tomorrow, from brand awareness to search engine optimization and results pages.  The Miller Ad Agency has been working around the clock with our clients and partners during the COVID-19 outbreak. Advertising solutions addressing new realities were created and distributed across TV […]

5 Dysfunctions Of A Company

How companies fall apart and exit business? Inventing, developing and supporting products are connected to employees supporting it. Written by Venes Alic. Violet and Klaus walked into a donut shop. Violet was carrying their baby sister Sunny. As they were looking for donuts, the cashier fell asleep behind the register. Since there were no donuts left […]

What’s The Probability Of Seeing ADs Today?

Do you have good signal on your cell? Maybe. But still, imagine E.T. trying to phone home through your local cell carrier. May the force be with him on that one. Or another example, Captain America saying “Hey look, a pay phone, let me dial another galaxy.” as if time and space don’t matter. Douglas Adams […]

Reaching Your Audience Is Winning

What is constantly overlooked is the time and effort invested in making a product successful. Instant gratification with user interface on the screen may not recognize the time and effort put in, but it will, most of the time, bring success to its creators. Products and devices live and die based on ability to communicate […]