Google Average page Position Change. Do You Like The Idea Of It?

Back in February, Google announced yet another change to how advertisers and marketers will analyze their pay per click campaign effectiveness. Since the beginning of digital marketing, advertisers would use the average page position as a key metric to gauge how your position and message was ranking against other advertisers. The average page position number gave advertisers a solid idea of where their ads were showing at any given time period across numerous dimensions.

That is about to change. Come September of 2019, Google has stated they plan to “Sunset” the average page position number as we know it and move it to a naming convention calling it “Impression (Absolute Top) % and Impression (Top) %.  Google stated “These new metrics give you a much clearer view of your prominence on the page than average position does.”

The goal is to give a clear, precise definition to advertisers if your ad is at the absolute top of the page “position one” versus still being above the fold in top positions besides position one.

As another major change comes to Google Ads, advertisers will have to adapt to the new change and use the new ad ranking system when measuring the success of campaigns. What do you think about the new change? Are you prepared and thinking ahead about how these changes will effect your thinking around campaign performance? Give Miller Ad Agency a call at 972-243-2211 so we can help you make sure you are ready for this new format.