Why Have An Ad Agency Place Your Media?

Why have an ad agency place your media?

It’s a valid question.  Afterall, agencies charge a commission to place your broadcast media.  Why not just place directly with the stations and save yourself that money?  How hard can it be? You know what shows you like to watch, after all. Most viewers are probably like you, and I am sure the stations will treat you fairly and give you the best bang for your buck.  Right? Unfortunately, no. That would be VERY wrong.

Let’s start with the first misconception – 

All viewers are the same, so you can just go with the programming you watch.  

This is a big issue we deal with here at the agency. The owner principal wants to see his/her spots. That means it is working, right?  Well, no, not exactly. Here at Miller Ad Agency we subscribe to several platforms to actually help us buy the media correctly to reach your best target audience.  And a lot of times – that is not you! Buying the programs you happen to like is just lazy media buying. Our expertise and buying platforms will ensure your ads are actually reaching the right people at the right time.

Next misconception – 

The station will treat you just as well with your buy as if you had an agency.  

More than likely – a huge no. Stations know you likely do not have the buying savvy an agency does, nor the time or ability to check your buy each month to ensure you received everything you should have.  On Cable this can be particularly tricky. Cable stations often love to put your spots in the very cheapest time slots. They can show you that you had great frequency (number of times your spot aired). It’s just that no one was awake to see them!  And both broadcast and cable stations will be in no hurry to point out to you that your spot ran at the wrong day or time or was cut off incorrectly half-way through. At Miller we have software designed to spot exactly these kinds of mistakes. We will either get you your money back or negotiate even better placement for the next month.  We will also negotiate lots of bonus spots into each monthly schedule. Something that is not going to be offered to the average client buying on their own.

So, why use an agency when you could just “save” yourself the commission?  Because you won’t be saving yourself anything long term. The right agency will save you wasted television and radio dollars by putting you at the right day and time, and they will make sure you got exactly what you paid for or better.  We’ll also save you the most precious commodity – time.  

Reach out to Miller Ad Agency today to have us review your current buys and let you know how we can save you time and money.  Call us at 972-243-2211 to get started.