Branding To Survive The Micro-Moment

Impulsiveness is one of the cornerstones of my personality. I struggle with it every time I pass a Starbucks with a drive thru on my way to work. I mean, it is holiday spice season BTW.

In marketing, we like to refer to this instinct to fulfill a want or a need as a micro-moment. That need can be a need to learn something, do something, or, most importantly, buy something. This is a sliver of time when intent is high and the influence of opportunity is slim. So, what does that mean for branding, which is technically a long-term play?

At first, it could be considered a detriment because intent and immediacy become the key players in a micro-moment. This pushes identity and loyalty, more specifically, brand loyalty out the window. However, you could also argue that this is when your branding becomes the most important. 

In the current and future environment, your mobile website and the accuracy and legitimacy you provide to customers (hello directory listings) is crucial. However, it is so much more than name, address and phone number information being correct. We need to keep in mind that all of our branding efforts up to this point are coming into play here, even if subconsciously. When given the choice between Business A and Business B, then you had better believe the business with the stickiest marketing of those choices will win out. The real lesson to learn here is that there are current best practices and ideas to maintain in the mobile, micro-moment landscape, but you can always fall back on a solid brand message and long-term investment to pay off throughout both informed purchase decisions and quick turn micro decisions.

We have a shift in mobile technology and the infiltration of artificial intelligence to thank for this. The truth is, to be successful in this landscape you must be competitive and show up in a mobile and our “Hey Alexa” search. For the savvy marketer, the good news is the prior investments you have made in your branding efforts will now pay off and give you the edge in a changing search world. This is the time to be both on top of the marketing trend and try new techniques. However, still keep the faith in your base and brand history in the meantime. 

The branding will survive, but will it stand out in the micro-moment?