Danielle Snyder

Danielle Snyder

Account Services

If wishes were fishes, we'd all be fat.

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, young, aspiring novelist Danielle Snyder knew she wanted to channel her creativity somewhere in the real world, so she chose to work at Miller Ad Agency.

One year later and she could never look at a simple car commercial the same. She had learned too much – the disclaimers, the co-op requirements, the sheer dropof-a-hat incentive changes, and it had all become second nature to her.

Her experience continued to grow as she gained a variety of clients and learned how to cater to their individual needs in executing the creative plans for each month.

Besides playing with the occasional puppy that drops by the agency, she continues to grow her automotive knowledge every day, surprising even herself.


  • Assisted in crafting Friendly Chevrolet’s 60th Anniversary campaign.
  • Led the creation of FairLease’s first State Fair of Texas geo-fencing campaign.
  • Wrote an award-winning critical research essay, examining the interactions between businesses and their customers on social media.
  • Acted as an extra in Friendly Chevrolet’s 2016 Hispanic TV shoot.
  • Turned internship into a career.
  • Degree in English.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Versed in co-op submissions and approval.