William Pansky

William Pansky

Graphic Designer

Live music, thought-provoking movies, good writing, video games, and commas at the end of a listed series.

William is a 30-year-old graphic artist and designer living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex; he loves art, design, type, and all things visually creative, inspiring, and expressive. Laughing is his primary form of exercise.

Autonomous homebody. He works fulltime and enjoys getting consistent sleep. His sense of humor frequently crosses the line of social and political correctness.

He's writing a novel that he'll finish before he dies. Rarely offended; extremely analytical.

He tends to let his mind wander when staring at cloudy skies.


  • Successfully crafted and deployed the new GoodwillDallas.org website.
  • Developed multi-page direct mailers, posters, web materials, and more for ONE World Sports’ cable launch on DISH Network, Mediacomm, and Optimum TV.
  • Worked directly on material for inDemand to promote the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011; an event aired nationally on Comcast and Time Warner Cable.
  • Designed materials promoting ONE CONNXT in annual trade-shows; including Dubai's CABSAT, Singapore's CommunicAsia, and Europe's IBC.
  • Created, and eventually killed, a 10+ volunteer team for TheNerdemic.com; a website dedicated to publishing video game editorial articles, reviews, and news as well as hosted a weekly podcast. Covered local industry events; such as the Fantastic Arcade and Texas Pinball Festival.