Stephanie Clausen

Stephanie Clausen

Account Services

Challenging the status quo while maintaining the southern hospitality.

Daughter of a Marine and classically trained opera singer - discipline is in her DNA. Stephanie was raised in Southeast Texas by two Wisconsinites. From an early age she learned to challenge the status quo while maintaining the southern hospitality she grew up around. She left for the University of North Texas in pursuit of a film degree but after seven changes to her major she found her way into advertising.

She dove head first into media at her first job at Time Warner Cable Media. She spent her days counting spots, maintaining orders, pulling reports and doing whatever she could to keep the client up to date and informed about their media buy in real-time.

She’s continuing to gain her experience at Miller Ad Agency in Account Services. While here she’s learned to handle coop with an iron fist and the clients with a gentle touch. She works with every department as a team to help bring better strategies and solutions to our clients.


  • Competed in the toughest district for a National Student Advertising Competition.
  • Worked with and oversaw over 100 students at a student run TV station.
  • Responsible for maintaining client’s media budgets and ad placements.
  • Changing a tire on a highway in hurricane force winds.
  • Roadtripping to four states on $50 and Sweedish Fish.